Our Listing Optimization service includes the following components:

Keyword Research:

A well-optimized Amazon listing requires extensive keyword research for your listing to rank organically for relevant keywords of your product. We use up to date strategies and premium tools to find high search volume and relevant keywords for your listing content, in accordance with the A9 algorithm standards

Competitor Analysis

Everyone aspires to outperform their opponents. Analyzing your competitors’ products and brands offers you an insight into areas where you can improve and outshine them. 

We monitor your competitors and where they fall short in as to provide your product room for improvement and discover how you may exceed them.

SEO Copywriting

Writing allows you to portray your speech more effectively. Our content writers understand SEO and compose brilliant marketing content that is insightful and persuasive, promoting your product’s benefits and goals.

Our qualified writers can identify the right keywords and phrases that bring traffic to your listing, resulting in higher CTR and Conversion rate. Let us know what you demand, and watch the writing begin.

Backend Optimization

Backend terms optimization is just as crucial as front end search optimization. Amazon’s A9 algorithm tracks your backend search terms and can rank your product for keywords that aren’t necessarily relevant but may be related to your product. It is a valuable SEO space that you may use to rank for certain single words or long tail phrases relating to your product.